Ring section pumps

Sulzer has a long tradition of supplying ring section mid- to high-pressure pumps to all kinds of industrial applications. The M-series is designed in a modular way based on different ranges of pressures for use in a wide range of applications, primarily for pumping clean or slightly polluted liquids.

MBN Multistage Ring Section Pump                                         MBN-RO multistage ring section pumps                                                MC discharge scraper and MCE pump with patented FluiderTM technology and degassing unit.

     MBN medium pressure stage casing pumps                               MBN-RO multistage ring section pump                                               MC high pressure stage casing pump
                   (Cick)                                                     (Cick)                                                                  (Cick)   

MD High Pressure Stage Casing Pump                                               ME High Pressure Stage Casing Pump                                                              The VMS vertical multistage pumps are used for multiple applications in the water market

      MD high pressure stage casing pump                                             ME high pressure ring section pump                                                  VMS vertical multistage pump
                    (Cick)                                                      (Cick)                                                           (Cick)

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